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In the case of motor vehicle accidents, you may be entitled to make two separate and distinct claims: a claim for accident benefits and a claim for damages from the at fault party. As experienced litigators, Patey Law Group claim can expertly advise you on the viability of both your no-fault benefits and possible negligence claim also known as tort claim.


Generally, it is your own auto insurer who is responsible for providing you with statutory accident benefits. These benefits are available to everyone who is injured in a motor vehicle accident in Ontario, regardless of fault. Depending on your circumstances, there may be alternative insurers who are liable to pay for your accident benefits. Even individuals who do not have auto insurance likely still have coverage available to them through alternate insurers.

Often clients of ours have several layers of insurance to protect themselves and their families. In most cases, short term and long term insurers act quickly and responsibly to provide disability benefits to their insured customers. However, often a dispute arising respecting an individual’s ongoing entitlement to these benefits. The legal professionals at Patey Law Group have handled many disability insurance cases through to a fair and successful conclusion.

Patey Law Group can assist you in identifying all potential insurers and sources of coverage. Once the proper insurers have been identified, we can then assist you in applying for all of the benefits you may be entitled to. Common accident benefits that you may be entitled to include income replacement, medical therapies, housekeeping assistance and assistive devices, in addition to other benefits. Our firm is committed to assisting clients in applying to obtain timely benefits when they need them the most.


For those individuals with serious and permanent injuries, Patey Law Group can provide specialized advice on whether to sue another party that may be legally responsible for your injuries. In such cases, we can represent you in obtaining all compensation for which you are entitled. Some common areas of compensation include pain and suffering, income losses, medical therapies and out of pocket expenses.

The lawyers and support staff at Patey Law Group pride themselves in maximizing our client’s claims through diligent and determined advocacy. We will expertly steer you through the initial stages of your tort claim by taking such steps as giving notice to the other party’s insurer, early disclosure of relevant information and documentation, and through the actual issuance and service of the lawsuit. It is never easy or pleasant to sue someone, but often litigation in Court is the only means to get proper and reasonable compensation for you accident-related losses.

Should your claim be defended by the at-fault parties, we will work to expediently bring your claim to an examination for discovery, which will allow documentary and oral discovery of each party’s case. If the insurer is not willing to adequately compensate you following the discovery, we will bring your claim forward to mediation, pre-trial conference and ultimately a trial if necessary. If a trial in front of a judge or jury ultimately does become necessary to recoup the legal damages a client deserves, the legal professionals at Patey Law Group bring decades of experience in preparing for and going to trial.

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